The 2013 York Folk & Fine Art Show to be held November 22 to 24, a revival of a highly acclaimed fine art and crafts ware show that was held annually for 30 years, but was absent from the area for the last two years. 
This year's York show is being hosted by Joel Hertz, a highly skilled craftsman himself, who has more than 40 years of successful show management experience.  The show will have an even better and more prolific abundance of high quality American artisan, contemporary, transitional, and folk art then every before, said Hertz.   
"You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet", is the motto of the show which will celebrate the approximately 125 exhibitors, most of whom are already extremely well known and loved as some of the 'Top American Artisans and Craftsmen'.
"Every exhibitor is carefully selected as an artist who is at the top of their field", said Hertz, "The show definitely draws an upscale crowd. This is high quality art that is appreciated by those attending."
Hertz started in show management right out of high school and in the early 1970's Hertz began a second career as a craftsman, training long hours and honing his skills as a cabinet maker and a cooper, which is the craftsmanship of wooden barrels, studying under master cooper Rich Stewart. 
Soon Hertz's skills were also at the master level, and Hertz became a professional cabinet maker and cooper at Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster , PA for over 5 years.
From 1986 through 2005 Hertz continued to craft fine furniture and cabinets, winning many awards for his craftsmanship including such coveted titles as being included in the 'Top 200 Early American Craftsman', multiple 'Best in Shows' at major craft festivals and many other honors.  Through the years of participating in craft shows, said Hertz, he began to notice that many shows could be improved substantially - for the craftsman and for those attending.
"We saw that shows needed to emphasize the higher quality artisans, the true craftsman, not just crafts." said Hertz, "I have tunnel vision.  I am looking for certain craftsman for our shows - the top people in their art medium, the best in the country."
Taking his early showing expertise to the highest level, for the last 6 years Hertz has owned and managed the highly successful 30- year-old Folk Art Festival of New England, featuring Historic Restoration, in Marlborough , Massachusetts , near Boston .  
In 2012 the New England show was ranked as one of the top in the country, said Hertz, with 96 exhibitors displaying a huge variety of craftsmanship.  Hertz hand picked the finest artisans in 2 and 3 dimensional mediums, including: painting, sculpture, woven art, jewelry, pottery, tramp art, fine handmade furniture, and much more.
The show will feature a wide range of lovingly crafted antique reproductions, amazingly detailed 'repurposed' sculptures and art work, and 'vintage curiosities', which are antiques redone to fit a new era, said artist and sculpture Mo Dallas, who has made a spectacular name for himself in many art medias. 
With a repertoire including structural clay, iron stone pottery, spatterware reproductions, metal and cast stone sculptures and calendar illustrations,  Dallas is especially well known for his primitive Noah’s Arks and other extravagant three-dimensional art.
Many other 'one-of-a-kind' artists will also be at the York show, said Hertz, which has been expanded to include an exciting array of truly unique art forms. 
The York extravaganza being hosted by Hertz will be one of the most extraordinary  Folk and Fine Art Shows of the year, said Dallas .
"This will be more than an art show, it will be an event with eclectic appeal - from traditional and contemporary fine art to antique reproductions and stunningly repurposed one-of-a-kind items," said Dallas , "This show will bring in the avant-garde clientele that have an appreciation for fine art and craftsmanship."
The York Show will have something for everyone, agreed Hertz, as the 'invitational only' craftspeople will display "everything from $20 earrings to $10,000 pieces of furniture."
Fine furniture is always a big draw at the shows, said Hertz, and with prices that are usually comparable to 'store bought cookie-cutter' items, buying hand-made pieces can be a bargain in the long run.
"When you buy that piece of handmade furniture you are going to have it for life.  It's going to outlast us and our children." said Hertz, "The antiques of tomorrow are made by the American craftsman of today."
Another different aspect show is that all of the artists and craftspeople are manning their own booths during the entire event, said Hertz, with many demonstrating their crafts or art right in front of the crowd. 
Many artist and craftsperson demonstrations will be going on during the whole York show, said Hertz, with painters and potters, jewelry and soft sculpture doll makers, and a craftsman skillfully constructing shaker oval boxes, just to name a few.
"What customers will see at this show are top shelf artists." said Hertz, "People come to our show looking for fine art and high quality crafts to buy and I guarantee they'll find it."
For more information for artists or craftspeople who would like to be considered for the show, or for potential show visitors,  go online to: or email Joel Hertz directly at